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It's not just who we are...

Over ten years ago we started on a mission to produce a tooling product that was easy to use, reliable, and cost effective. We ultimately came up with a solution that set the standards for PCB support tooling.


Like many other new concepts, we were met by skeptics, and one by one, we converted them into believers. We proved to the world that compliant under-side tooling is not only best way to go, it's the only way. Considering the ever-increasing component density on double-sided PCBs, it has become rather difficult (if not impossible) to use conventional OEM-style tooling pins for solder printing and component placing.


Over the last ten years, we have saved time and money for our customers, we've educated our competitors, and we learned a few things ourselves. Here we are again, and once again we're raising the bar. Some of the same great people, high standards for manufacturing, and a product line that was years in the making.


At last, we are proud to introduce you to the new SMT tooling standard... Quik-tool.

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About Quik-tool, LLC

Quik-tool™ was created and developed by the founders of the company who introduced the industry to compliant tooling in 2001. We have over 20 years of experience developing and mastering SMT and PCB tools. We are driven by a desire to maximize performance while lowering costs for our customers.

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Why Choose Quik-tool?

Quik-tool™ is focused on ease of use and cost efficiency. It runs in both automatic and manual mode, and high-density pin pitch is standard. And best of all, it comes with a very low-cost entry point, so you can start small and add on as needed. Quik-Tool™ can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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Please call or email with any questions. We're always available to help.

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